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Cheap Flights with subtitles

Fascinating Aida, Cheap Flights, esl
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Cheap Flights with subtitles”

  1. Funbundle44 says:

    Brilliant and very, very funny!

  2. Deviltje123 says:


  3. Hiheels1000 says:

    Fecking funny video.. great

  4. TheMintTV says:

    LOL 🙂 Great sining girls

  5. goldieken says:

    Feckin’ marvellous, ladies! Thank you all for this wonderfully funny song.


  6. globalkevolution says:

    Subtitles at 2:13 should read:
    “yous are banjaxed if you try to catch a train or underground”

  7. TheSpuddywoods says:

    Hilarious, the best diddle de de I have seen in a long time, We call Ryan Air “Crime Air” and yes they always get away with it, it’s the Irish way of making money from their own people, so much for going back !! at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask. Glad to see the Irish sense of humour prevails

  8. MsHarleyRdr2 says:

    Hysterical! And pretty darn accurate…..

  9. Ingumsky says:


  10. Albertbob8 says:

    lol funny

  11. Dbolmedia says:

    Begorrah! ’tis true so it is…

  12. rioapartments02 says:

    great video..

  13. kalfie4evaaxxx says:

    I know this off by heart now and I still find it hilarious xxx

  14. beccalovesthejoker says:

    this is brilliant! gets funnier and funnier each time i watch it

  15. Alegnaize says:

    I loved it

  16. StarsAndStripes4evr says:

    In the U.S. it’s known as Allegiant Air !

  17. nataxxa23 says:

    really great!

  18. Missliongirlify says:

    I love this so fecking much!

  19. sigurdur63 says:

    I almost threw up because I laughed so much.

  20. Cr33perville says:

    Feck you, Ryanair.

  21. NyeKaz says:

    @RedTeesforMe its a microphone. I’ve seen people wear them in plays before.

  22. RedTeesforMe says:

    What do they have on their foreheads? Is this something like the dot in India?

  23. 1namegame says:

    Absolutely brilliant!
    I do fly Ryanair, but HATE IT!
    Nice to be able to laugh at this tho –

  24. neveneffect1 says:

    @rogue2k1 ok, thanks 🙂

  25. Virtuon777 says:

    Sad verse LMAO! This motive will be playing a week in my head 🙂