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Foreclosed Homes being Vandalized by Former Homeowners

Rather Unfortunate, but it seems the Foreclosure Firestorm will only increase and compound itself throughout the summer. The Alt-A loans will be resetting also, so a large bulk of soon to be former homeowners will find themselves in Negative Equity in relationship to Loan to Value. An estimated 2.4 million homeowners will lose their homes, multiplied by spouse and kids, truly an exodus that would put the Israelites to shame in number.

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50 Responses to “Foreclosed Homes being Vandalized by Former Homeowners”

  1. 73bosshog says:

    Good. I’m glad the former home owners do this. We’re going to have millions of more foreclosings in the future. And the banks don’t help people.

  2. creat3d says:


  3. ianpennack says:

    This is the only power the people have been left with. And, if that’s the way it is, go for it.

  4. wolftreetree says:

    most of these homes are not vandilized but canibalized.

  5. Checkerholic says:

    Don’t people understand they only hurt themselfs when they vandalize and strip these homes. What the bank doesn’t get for the house whoever was foreclosed on still owes the difference between the sale price and the balance due on the mortgage

  6. wallman678 says:

    I hope all the home owners that get forclosed on demolish the homes. The banks got there bail out moneys and still forclose on the people.

  7. pgpeachess says:

    the banks were given $300 billions by the feds to give back to investors -that were from china, i heard- and they probably just buy boats and jets for themselves with the money they get from these foreclosures.

  8. metalbagger2012 says:

    fuck the banks handing out money to a bunch of dipshits who ncouldent aford a house in the first place

  9. a10fjet says:

    who gives a fuck? the bank owns it. fuck the banks

  10. liam13coins says:

    Ouch the banks and greedy buyers lose money? How am I gonna sleep tonight?

  11. payingwithfire says:

    Why help the predatory lender banks? I’d have done the same. I used to work for a bank so I know how they operate and the last thing they’re in the business for is compassion.

  12. LarosaRealtyEG says:

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  13. CK3890 says:

    @1emailer Obama supporter? LOL. I didn’t mix consumer side at all. In Layman’s terms, since you didn’t understand what I said, the banks were running out of money so they jacked up the mortgages to the point where many people could not afford it anymore.

    I’m not a democrat or republican. It’s too bad everyone in America is loyal to their party rather than their country. You sadden me.

  14. 1emailer says:


    I can’t believe I just wasted time engaging you. I looked at your page and it says you are 22. You had up a communiist video and the last comment you posted was:

    “You also were raped by your father! And you liked it! ”

    Oh well, lesson learned.

  15. 1emailer says:

    @CK3890 You’re wrong. You’re mixing consumer side and lender side. From the comsumer side – you pay, you stay. If you can understand that, whatever, Obama supporter (I don’t have to ask). If you want to talk lender side – read up on ya boy Clinton and The Community Reinvestment Act – It HELPED get this mess going. Image a Democrat helping other Democrats get in houses they can’t afford to pay for. Pitiful. Like you, I’m sure they felt an undeserved sense of entitlement.

  16. CK3890 says:

    @1emailer You’re an idiot. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Banks were giving out any and every loan to anyone willing to take it. Then suddenly they wanted all their money back because BANKS WERE TRADING FUTURES (and wow thank Reagan for that one, what a dumbass) and went bankrupt. It’s like a bookie giving you 2 weeks to get your money and then he shows up the next day and kills you.

    It’s not that they stop their payments, they can’t afford the sudden increased price.

  17. bappa002 says:

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  18. 14joty says:

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  19. anthony800ful says:

    @theantiredneck WTF are u calling me mental u don’t get it when these people bought the home they did afford cuz to buy a home u need to have an estimate from the bank to buy but since the bank increased there mortgage and wouldn’t work them that’s why homes are left trashed

  20. powerstuffup says:

    ** Its ridiculous Banks prefer loose so much, rather than a little with there good old customers.

    Example: Say your paying 2,350 a month. Your balance is $400,000 -(wave) $50,000= (new balance) 350,000 x (interest) 4.?
    So if u payed 2,350 a month > now your new payment is around $1,575

    * * * So don’t foreclosure, don’t shortsale, Save Your Home!

    Lets unite and bug, bug, bug the banks (lenders) to help save your home!

    Please help forward this maybe we can make a difference.

  21. powerstuffup says:

    * Hey I have a medicine for crisis economy No More forecloses, short sales, or modification.
    Let’s work together…

    Banks (Lenders) don’t lose your customers! Call them and make them an offer wave 50 to 60 thousand off from there original balance. Customers become motivated to keep there homes.

    Home owners (customers) don’t loose your homes, call your bank ask for a 50 to 60 thousand wave in your original balance.

  22. 1emailer says:

    Only a lowlife would do this. When you sign a mortgage you agree to borrow a ton of money used to pay the seller and you are agreeing to pay it back a little at a time. When you stop paying YOUR payments and have to leave, it is nobody’s fault but yours. You pay and you stay.

  23. 1IIIIIIIIII1 says:


  24. ajuvix says:

    @StainlessSteel64 I didn’t say the banks did it, I said they knew how this would end up. Its a sweeping kind of corruption.There should have been some kind of legal/safeguard system in place to prevent this from happening. Instead, banks got the bailout and the people took the hit. They knew they would be considered too big to fail and they were right. Had their lot been thrown in like average Joe’s, do you think they would have “bought the loans” as you say? Helll no. So fuck em’, am I right?

  25. StainlessSteel64 says:

    @ajuvix The banks didn’t do this they simply bought the loans from groups like countrywide (usually packaged as securities) the bank didn’t give a person the shitty loan another much more under handed group did then fucked the bank over (claiming this was an untapped gold mine of loan income).

  26. iShawnMichaels says:

    @Honeybaba2222 i think for a little more u can get a gtx 550 ti
    not the best but not so expensive

  27. mmhmmlala says:

    @Maul9999 that had nothing to do with anything.
    you are an idiot, sir.

  28. RougeTyrant says:

    i need a cheap gaming video card, any help were i may find one any one?

  29. Maul9999 says:

    Quadro that cost around 3000 dollar is a mid-ranges gaming. Like my GT 9600 is a mid- end, know why? GT is the rank for mid-end. Low-end video card is GS, mid-end are GT and GTS, High-end is GTX. GTS is fastest than GT.

  30. TheGennaios says:

    @brown55061 yeah i use autodesk products and i have to work with mental ray also in gaming its awesome!

  31. brown55061 says:


    Partial agree. I own this card and over clock it and it’s awesome for budget gaming. But I am a big SketchUp user and it is a fail of epic proportions on even basic 3D modeling. I paid $95 for my 9600 and have loved it.

  32. Tucker1796 says:

    @Honeybaba2222 well we cant know for sure, because it looks like your video card is integrated which basically mean its not very good. hopefully you have at least one 2.0 16x pci express slot on your mother board so you can upgrade your video performance. hope this helps

  33. Honeybaba2222 says:

    hello i have a HP AMD Phenom x3 8600B 2.3ghz pc
    there is a builtin ati radeon 3100 card 256mb
    4GB ram 667
    it plays games on low details
    i want to buy a 3d card but in afordable range like like 50-100$
    i play only car racing games like nfs hot pursuit and shift
    please tell me which card i should buy?plz reply i m waiting

  34. Honeybaba2222 says:

    hello i have a HP AMD Phenom x3 8600B 2.3ghz pc
    there is a builtin ati radeon 3100 card 256mb
    4GB ram 667
    it plays games on low details
    i want to buy a 3d card but in afordable range like like 50-100$
    i play only car racing games like nfs hot pursuit and shift
    please tell me which card i should buy?plz reply i m waiting

  35. ModernCombat2Hacker says:

    The guy introducing the guy at the beginning of the video looks like hes having a seizure. :S

  36. MrPirateking619 says:

    i dont kno why but tekzilla reminds me of tortilla

  37. gplaything says:

    @PotadoTomado I do ,thanks.

  38. PotadoTomado says:

    @gplaything You have no manners.

  39. TheGennaios says:

    the best graphics card is nvindia ge force 9600 gt!

  40. MrIwesseli says:

    @gplaything For 3d gaming to need a monitor that supports 3d so yes you will need 3d glasses…

  41. gamewizard says:

    Whatever happened to Leo LaPorte? He was the best computer show host.

  42. gplaything says:

    what about the radeon hd 5870?
    omg guys it pisses me off.
    is 3d ?
    do i need 3d glasses?
    my pc is g73jh- a1.

    pleeeese ASAP reply
    waiting but not forever

  43. TheMrVogue says:

    @krisisbob Holy shit sauce, read my comments below batman!

  44. krisisbob says:

    @TheMrVogue and it has…

  45. MaleBosszz says:

    @FaLsEiNqUiSiTiOn Ooh okay cause that would have been a major dagger in the ass I got a AMD Radeon HD 6870 for €150.

  46. TheMrVogue says:

    @Frdchanga Look at my comment below, Crytek failed us big time… But the Dx11 patch makes the game now graphically acceptable hahaha.

  47. Frdchanga says:

    @TheMrVogue failed to amaze me.

  48. mayrbek123 says:

    @TheMrVogue seems it did

  49. FaLsEiNqUiSiTiOn says:

    @Usul573 I got it in February and prices went down since then. I also purchased it in town, being small-town it costs more to get more relevant computer hardware in.

  50. sonicdaguy says:

    omg… if you want a cheap graphics card that can handle almost all games on high and that can run them in 3d, get a NVidia GeForce GTS 450. Its around $120!