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#G433 HERROLD 8002-129 30 x 30 detached garage with bonus truss

www.sdsplans.com detached garage is in many ways a superior solution to having an attached one. Not only does it not give you more room to play with but also by having a detached garage you will have more options as far as expansion is concerned.
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I’m most likely going to start looking for a new place to live. My current establishment, York Properties in Raleigh NC that runs Mission Valley Apartments does not value me as a customer. I don’t like to shop where I’m not valued as a customer. Of course, as a friend explained, every time someone moves out they get to increase the rent. So it’s actually a planned action to get people to move out. It just pisses me off. Here’s my current rental checklist. Help me add to it: General •What’s the rent, how long is the lease, how much is the deposit and when is it returned? (Rent should be no more than 30% of your take home pay.) •Do you have the optin to rent month-to-month when your first year lease expires? (Renting month-to-month may result in slightly higher payments, but it gives you the option of terminating your lease without penalty.) •How far will you have to commute to work? Is public transportation a readily available option? (Practice your commute before signing your lease and realize a long commute eats up valuable personal time.) •Are there smoke detectors? Ceiling lights? •Are there ceiling lights? •Are the carpets and walls clean? (Look for solid, level floors and carpets that are not worn.) •Are stair railings are tight? Bedroom •Will your furniture fit? (Know the size of your things and bring a tape measure!) •Are there enough outlets? •Is there a phone jack in the room? •Is there enough closet space and strong hanger rods Kitchen/Appliances •Are kitchen

26 Responses to “#G433 HERROLD 8002-129 30 x 30 detached garage with bonus truss”

  1. Zapmanio says:

    Sad but true. The gentleman makes great points!

  2. mnbvxcvtgyhbncv says:

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  4. slinkycat321 says:

    I’ve been renting in the triangle area for close to 10 years. No landlord is really going to value the relationship with a tenant, although if you are good about paying your rent, they might overlook some minor lease violations they would normally call you out on. I am sick of renting and I would buy a house if I didn’t think the property values weren’t going to keep falling the way they have been. Good luck,

  5. aj2001832000 says:

    I AM NOT CONDONING moving to Ohio under any means but !… . You could buy a decent….A DECENT….250,000/300,000 HOUSE here in Ohio for about 600-700/mo. Sad. We’re all just bar codes walking on two legs. Nothing matters. There will come a time when 26 year olds like me will tell their kids (maybe when I’m like 35) that “when I was young, you could walk in to a store, be greeted and asked if you needed assistance and THANKED for your patronage”

  6. Urgo6667 says:

    $600, wow, I can’t wait until I move down there. I’m currently living on long island ny and up here a small one bedroom goes for more then double that! I totally agree with you about being just a number though. I’ve been a great tenant here for the past 3 1/2 years and they wouldn’t budge when I wanted to get a short term increase to my lease while I look for a house in the raleigh area. $250 ext fee + $100/mo not to mention the $30 increase in rent they added this year. So don’t complain 🙂

  7. craigowler says:

    Your fmanaging factor is in the renting business for profit not social housing.

  8. thesmiths1013 says:

    Tim, there are houses for rent in our area, interested??

  9. dabiribd says:

    Hi Tim,
    I guess Im lucky that I dont have to worry about the mortgage or the rent and all that stuff! Lol

  10. havakazoo33 says:

    shut up nigger nose

  11. discaimer says:

    I went through the same thing two years ago. I’d been at the same place 6 years but the annual rent increase finally drove me out. Found a nicer place $200 a month cheaper. Hope you have similar luck.
    Great video, it’d almost would work as a response to the “What’s Wrong With YouTube?” videos going around.

  12. UpDownMostly says:

    OK I feel better now. 🙂 Damn that’s expensive!

  13. UpDownMostly says:

    HAHAHAH too funny. Probably right.

  14. a6487487 says:

    I don’t think you’re going to find a landlord anywhere who “values you for you.” And if you did, you’d just wind up getting a restraining order against them. 😉

  15. ravensmomscorp76 says:

    This overall topic reminded me of what just happened with my mom and her Mastercard credit card account. She’d had the thing for like 30 years, and out of NOWHERE-they canceled it! She paid it every month, too! What punks these people are!!

  16. ravensmomscorp76 says:

    An apartment in my city-here in Southern California-goes for $1095 for a 1-bedroom, and $1300 for a 1-bedroom w/ a den.



  17. REPOTAG says:

    The grass is not always greener.

    I could never live in an apartment… again… the last time I lived in one I was 19 and the unruly kids stuck a garden hose through my cracked open window and flooded the place… and it was second floor and took out the unit under me too, LOL.

  18. UpDownMostly says:

    Yes this is true, it’s actually encouraged for tenants to move out so rents can be increased. It’s a natural rental property tactic and works. I just feel pissed sometimes when I’m part of the cycle. 🙂 But hey, it’s capitalism at it’s best right?

  19. l0gically says:

    Unfortunately the same exact thing applies when you’re dealing with any covenant-controlled property. In this case it’s not the management, but the HOA your dealing with. They tend not to give a rat’s ass either.

  20. airricksreloaded says:

    LOL we got a spare bedroom here.. how much space you need?

  21. RitchM says:

    Buy a house. Or if you don’t want to mess with the outside maintenance, buy a condo. Interest rates are extremely low right now and there are a LOT of homes selling for less than they are appraised for. You might even find a good deal on a foreclosed property. I bet you could find a decent 2 bedroom house for around $600 a month.

  22. themage747 says:

    You should find out how much they are getting a raise from all the extra money comming in 🙂 I like more personal service, have you done a customer service video? That would have to be a 10 part series. That would make me upset too, if you have been there that long and nobody cares about you as a customer!

  23. m1dnightshow says:

    your lucky ur paying $600/month! lol u cant find a one bedroom here for under 1k/month lol

  24. UpDownMostly says:

    Yes it’s much cheaper then most places I’m sure but I hate paying $600 for just a small one bedroom and on top of that not even being valued as a customer. But as one commenter noted, it’s just what you do, you pay rent and you behave and so it’s too much to expect anyone to appreciate that fact. 🙂

  25. UpDownMostly says:

    You’re absolutely right but it’s annoying as hell not to at least be given a “nod” as a decent customer, you know?

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