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Renovating For Profit An Evening with Cherie Barber and Stephen Tolle

If you’re ready to create wealth through property, then you must-not-miss this special evening event! Building wealth through property is not just about Location. To be successful in any market, you need to know how to add value to a property to build equity faster and to accelerate your wealth. Australia’s Renovating for Profit King and Queen will share their secrets to success with you at a special evening in February. Cherie Barber and Stephen Tolle have amassed a fortune by buying and adding value to established residential property in Australia. Their formula for building wealth through property is proven and IT WORKS in any market – if you follow the rules. During this information-packed, two-and-a-half hour evening event you’ll discover: * The ABC’s of renovating (at a high level) * The 8 critical steps of the renovation process (and you’ll be given 4 key tips for each step) * The 4 key ways (out of 35) to add value to a property * That you don’t need to a builders license or to even know about construction to be a successful renovator * How to become an expert in your chosen investment suburb and what research is required to really get it right * Real life examples of Cherie and Stephen’s Renovation Projects. You’ll see what they bought the property for, how they added value to the property, how much they spent and how much profit they made on 7 of their 35 projects to date * How to transition from your full-time job or business into property investment and/or

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